Arts & Crafts

The Arches

The result of a "Sculpture in Public Places" competition won by Otago Polytechnic students Rebecca South and Jesse Stevens. They said about their project: "After visiting Middlemarch we felt the fundamental issues that needed to be represented in this work were the landscape, the environment and the people." And so the use of schist was the medium chosen for this evocative sculpture, located near the beginning of the Otago Central Raul Trail.

Cushions, Tea Towels and Aprons

An original collection of keepsakes created as a handy memento of your journey across the Otago Central Rail Trail - 150km of New Zealand's most stunning scenery.

Junction Crafts

Located in the Middlemarch Railway Station. Opening hours for the summer season: Fridays & Sundays 11.30am - 1.00pm

Selling locally made goods and crafts: jewellery, postcards, hand-knitting, BioGro certified honey, clothing, Rail Trail t-shirts and hand-made baby clothes. Special orders can be taken.

Contacts: 464 3145 or 464 3091 or 464 3200

Rock 'n' Pillar Replicas

Rock 'n' Pillar Replicas are small handcrafted stone buildings based on actual buildings erected in the Otago area in the 1800s. The scarceness of timber made it necessary for the pioneers to find alternative building materials. Local rock was cheap and readily available. This rock, schist, could easily be split into blocks ideal for building. The permanency of these buildings is evident by the numbers still standing today, a lot still being in use.

We ship anywhere in the world. Available at local craft outlets.

Mulberry Cottage Antiques and Collectables

Located in the Middlemarch Railway Station. Open Summer (November - April): Friday & Sunday 11.30am - 1pm , Winter (May - October): Sunday 12.30 - 2.30pm

If you would like to see inside the shop at any other times, please phone Leigh on 0274-920096 or 03-453 0455