Shannon School 1934




Deep Stream & Shannon Schools 110th' Jubilee & Reunion,
18 January 2009

Deep Stream School was built in 1899 and was open for just 6 years. In 1932, the school building was shifted about a mile down the hill to its present site. Here it reopened as Shannon School and served the community for 38 years.

2009 is the 110th jubilee of the opening of the first school in the Shannon District, Deep Stream School. A reunion was held at the school 18 January 2009 to celebrate the life of this remarkable little school.

Portrait of Two Small Otago Schools

Most of you will be aware of the little "school book"School Book put together about the school in 2007. If you have anything further to share about the school or your time there, please let Anne know.

If you would like further copies of the Portrait of Two small Otago Schools, please let Anne Elliot know: Email or write to
RD 2, Middlemarch 9597. Phone 03-464 3731.